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Hi there!

“I know this might feel like bragging but trust me, when it comes to convincing your audience that you’re credible, hearing positive feedback straight from customers goes a lot further than tooting your own horn. This became especially important when we’re angling to sell something.”

At first, we (a tiny bunch of youngsters), came into the place with a few more experiences from different walks. Trying to cook everything in a single pan was like a mind-boggling! It was obvious that too many cooks, spoiled the soup. However, if we had not tried, we had never understood. We understood more when we took the responsibilities on our own hands. We believed that we could do it. It’s just that we were new enthusiasts. We started to work more systematically, started filtering things out and stacked things at their own departments and more. We understood more. Life became easy!

With regular hard work, getting bookish, talk-ish, hear-ish and frequent ‘practice’, we could accumulate more knowledge than we expected in short time. Operating from a usual small trip to ultimately an elephant size was not a piece of cake, especially when there are eyes all around and the challenging safety and trust. But our effort, confidence and carefulness gradually started to pay us positively. The feedback was the most inspirational: what alarmed us and what made us jump from our chair as well. It feels good!

“If you want to fly high, you need to let go of the things that weigh you down”: liked that- we offloaded our extra baggage, re-arranged what we had. This helped us a lot preparing a better package recipe. Again: we realized that from feedbacks. “Deliciously Rock-ing and Cracking!”

We love adventures, so does everyone. That’s what made us think about sharing with you by offering you the services we can at the lowest budget expense with more adventures and new experiences. It really feels great!

It was since 2014 AD, from Kathmandu, Thamel, registered as Adventure Snow Mountain Pvt. Ltd., we have been providing our adventurous services like Day-Tours, Multi-Day Tours (Domestic and International), Trekking, Mountain Base Camping, Hiking, Mountain flights, Heli-tours, Paragliding, Bungee, Zip-fly, Cycling, Rafting, and much more. We have also been offering the services like airline ticketing for both domestic and international destinations, land transportation services, accommodation facilities and travel guidance as well.

We heartily thank you all who trusted us and gave us the opportunity to serve you. We have always enlisted you as our family group members, because we believe that there is always one last resort to trust when it comes travelling to the unacquainted places- Be a part of family! We listen, we care, and we serve as per your needs, we treat as a family. Therefore, we preserve your safety! We keep on taking the responsibility of making your visit much more comfortable, contented and comprehensive, while you can enjoy all the adventurous part of your trip.


Cordially, Thank you once again and Welcome To Our Family!





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